Focus Areas
  • Constitutional Protections
  • Investigations and Forensics
  • Victim Rights
  • Child and Family Advocacy
  • Criminal Law
  • Accident/Injury
  • J.D. - Arizona State University cum laude & Truman Young Fellow
  • J.D. - Syracuse University


Long & Simmons Law is a law firm with over 40 years of litigation, government, and trial experience. This experience enables them to help guide and protect their clients and ensure they have a voice in any system. They provide negotiation, mediation, and litigation support in any situation. They provide training to law enforcement, educational, and mental health professionals throughout the country and utilize their experience and skills to help your business or family navigate tragedy, exploitation, abuse, or corruption. They give individuals knowledge, tools, and support to protect themselves.

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Practice Areas
• Accident/Injury
• Criminal Defense
• Homicide
• Drug Offenses
• Victim Advocacy
• Divorce Mediation


Our Approach

We understand that life is complicated and there are many different reasons why someone would need our services. We have understanding of, and compassion for, every situation in which an individual may find themselves.

Furthermore, We treat all clients with dignity and respect, regardless of the situation. We protect our clients in an unforgiving system, hold the justice system accountable, and communicate regularly, because our clients have the right to know what’s going on in their life.

After spending more than a decade prosecuting these cases, we have the advantage of knowing the mindset, motivations, and tactics the prosecution uses, and wield that knowledge for our clients’ benefit.