The Problem

Many child predators know HOW to avoid getting caught.

Many organizations that serve children sincerely care and want to prevent child abuse. Administrators want to respond appropriately when children are hurt. The problem is that the predators are more prepared than the organizations.

The organizations are vulnerable because the predators know what to do and the organizations don’t.

Predators intentionally target vulnerable schools, after-school programs, gyms and churches to gain access to child victims. They target, manipulate and exploit vulnerable organizations that serve children to make it possible for them to target, manipulate and exploit vulnerable children.

Their strategy works.

Good administrators and organizations don’t know HOW to detect child predators among their staff and volunteers. They don’t know HOW to recognize red flags, or to collect and respond to reports.

Yet their organizations are held liable when children are harmed. 

And worse, good administrators who love children and whose organizations were vulnerable to predator exploitation may find themselves in legal battles with the victims they didn’t adequately protect. These good people would have protected the victims if they’d known HOW. But they didn’t. And because they weren’t prepared, instead of preventing child abuse and protecting children, they find themselves in court fighting victims over money.

The Solution

Organizational child abuse prevention and response can be outsourced to experts who understand predator strategies. Our team evaluates your business or organization, creates customized policies to protect the children on your watch, provides staff and volunteer training, and supports administrators when red flags arise and when allegations need to be investigated and reported to authorities. 

You can protect the children on your watch by outsourcing the most critical and delicate aspect of your job to people who know HOW.

We have three child protection packages to serve your organizational needs.

Package 1, Policies and Procedures builds a foundation for child safety. Package 2, Ready to Respond, educates you, your staff and your volunteers so predators can’t deceitfully take advantage of naiveté.  And package 3, Ongoing Support, serves you when problems arise.

Our objective is to help you take the side of the victims instead of discovering — too late — that your organization was exploited by a child predator and that you are liable for harm that came to one or more children during your watch.