Step 1: Triage

We begin by hearing you and we apply the same standard to every victim and offender regardless of group affiliation. We understand the isolation experienced by both victims and offenders and seek to mitigate that isolation through fully assessing your current situation and needs. We use our multidisciplinary knowledge of education, families, human development, psychology, the law, and victim and predator behavior patterns to help untangle your problem. 

When appropriate, we refer you to qualified professionals whom we believe will be best able to support you in your unique situation.  We assist you in formulating a multidisciplinary action plan that we believe will move you forward towards solutions that will improve your life.  

Step 2: Becoming a Client

School of Teachers supports victims in search of redemptive rather than retributive justice. We seek to end victim silence and isolation and work in conjunction with other professionals to stand with victims on their journeys through the criminal justice system.

School of Teachers supports offenders sincerely seeking mitigation services. In conjunction with our legal partners, we work towards redemptive justice while protecting offender rights and ending offender silence and isolation. We want you to have the resources you need in order to not re-offend.

We offer victims and offenders the chance for a better future.