Step 1: Triage

We begin by hearing you.

We assess your unique family situation and assist you in formulating a multidisciplinary action plan that will move you forward towards solutions and meet your longterm objectives.

You and your child are our first priority. We refer you to the right qualified professionals to ensure you get the service your family needs.

Step 2: Becoming a Client

School of Teachers enters into client relationships with those who seek solutions that will improve societal systems through aligning systems with the 10 Principles of Justice:

  • Seek the Truth and Adjure the Consequences
  • Maintain Independence
  • Provide Transparency
  • Support our First Responders
  • Protect the Vulnerable
  • Amplify Children’s Voices
  • Begin by Hearing
  • Prevent Abuse, Exploitation, & Corruption
  • Seek Redemptive Justice
  • We are all Victim, Villain, Hero, Stranger, & Observer to Someone

Our clients set examples for others. They work in conjunction with us to improve our communities through demonstrating the necessity of developing systems that protect the vulnerable and amplify children’s voices.

Our proactive societal objectives, multidisciplinary expertise and  coordinated legal representation offer our clients the best of all worlds. We consider our clients an integral and critical part of our team and understand that their cases will help us work towards improving our communities.