Package 1: Policies and Procedures

Build a Foundation for Child Safety. Our team will thoroughly evaluate your organization and develop written policies and procedures customized to your unique needs. Our objective is to prevent as much child abuse as possible. We establish appropriate response mechanisms so any victims and witnesses know how to report problems in their early stages. We provide all the materials you need to communicate your commitment to child protection to your customers and clients. 

Package 1 includes:
Organizational Evaluation
          Customized Polices and Procedures
          Customized Response Mechanisms
          Client and Customer Communication

Package 2: Ready to Respond

Allow our experts to train your staff and volunteers to recognize and report red flags and to empower victims to report before the worst abuse occurs. In our administrator-only training you will discover exactly HOW you, as an administrator, can avoid silencing victims, minimize the efficacy of predator strategies, and protect children and your organization. 

Package 2 includes:
   Staff and Volunteer Training
   Confidential Training for Administrators Only

Package 3: Ongoing Support

Receive expert help when problems arise. You may be prepared for the worst, but you’re not on your own. Package 3 supports organizations as they manage red flags and victim reports. Our primary objective is to recognize problems and prevent abuse before it happens. And when problems arise, we’ll do whatever we can to ensure victims are empowered to speak and that your organization has provided victims with adequate protection and resources. Together, we can empower victims, drive predators away from your organization, and protect your business. Predators target and exploit vulnerable organizations, not prepared ones. 

Package 3 is customized and may include:
   Phone consultations
   In-person consultations
   Evaluations of reports received
   Mandatory reporting compliance